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Cuomo STILL Illegally Running Campaign from Government Offices

Andrew Cuomo Still Illegally Running

Political Campaign Out of Executive Chamber

Molinaro to file yet another JCOPE complaint

New York, Oct. 9…As new “first-hand” knowledge of more political campaigning inside the Governor’s office came to light, New York gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro today called on Andrew Cuomo to immediately release all phone logs and emails from his top staff for the past three months, as well as visitor logs to his offices in Albany and New York City.
Molinaro’s call comes in the wake of an interview that aired Friday on NY1 News in which Working Families Party State Political Director Bill Lipton recounted a conversation with a top Cuomo government aide regarding defrauding the electorate and removing Cynthia Nixon from the WFP ballot line.

“Given the recent conviction and six-year prison sentence of his former top aide, Joe Percoco, why on earth would Andrew Cuomo continue to allow state employees, let alone the Secretary to the Governor, the state’s top unelected official, to serve at a high level in his campaign coordinating what appears to be election fraud? If everything is above board, the Governor should immediately release all the phone logs and emails, from his top staff and visitor logs for the past three months,” said Molinaro.
Molinaro expressed his intent to file yet another formal complaint with JCOPE, pointing out that Lipton’s own words constitute a “first-hand” knowledge, which meets JCOPE’s recently contrived “legal standard” for launching an investigation.
As reported in the Albany Times Union, “In recent court papers, JCOPE’s counsel, Monica Stamm, ridiculously noted that the “sworn” Molinaro-Cox complaint relied on media accounts and court records in making accusations about Percoco, rather than the Republicans’ first-hand knowledge of potential misconduct.
It would be unduly burdensome for JCOPE if such second-hand accounts required the agency to take investigative action, Stamm argued.
“The system is rigged, and by using intimidation and fear Andrew Cuomo has rigged it,” said Molinaro.
Concluded Molinaro, “No more excuses, no more lies – it is time for JCOPE to open an investigation into the unending abuse of state taxpayer dollars for Andrew Cuomo’s political campaigns.”