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Harvard Asian Discrimination – Molinaro: Review NY Schools


Calls for Admission Reviews at All New York Colleges and

Universities that Receive Tax Dollars

New York-Oct. 18…Shocking testimony revealing that Harvard University discriminates against Americans of Asian descent in its admission policies demands that all New York colleges and universities receiving public dollars immediately reveal if such practices are occurring here, New York gubernatorial Marc Molinaro today said.
Harvard admitted this week that Americans of Asian descent are required to score higher on SAT scores than Americans of other ethnic backgrounds in order to be considered for admission.
“What’s been happening at Harvard, and other universities possibly, is rank discrimination and that’s wrong — there are no two ways around that,” Mr. Molinaro, the Dutchess County Executive, said. “As someone who grew up on food stamps, I well understand that working hard in high school is the ostensible way to break out of poverty in America, and what’s happening at Harvard is anathema to that idea. Americans of Asian descent are being penalized by Harvard for the color of their skin, and that’s frankly disgusting in 21st Century America.”
Mr. Molinaro called on New York colleges and universities to voluntarily release their admissions protocols, but said failure to do so should result in a firm government response.
“Discrimination is discrimination is discrimination,” Mr. Molinaro continued. “We are one state and one nation, and each of us deserves equal protection under the Constitution.”