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Molinaro calls for National Transportation Safety Board to Investigate Tappan Zee Bridge


Cuomo Demanded Bridge Opened Pre-Democratic Primary

“Serious information has to come to my attention about the Tappan Zee Bridge, and the possible willful compromise of the public’s safety. It must be investigated. That’s why we’re here today requesting the National Transportation Board (NTSB) immediately intervene to assure the safety of the bridge and waterway and investigate the circumstances around the closure.
“Our campaign is aware of at least two whistleblowers who have knowledge of the construction of the new bridge – and the deconstruction of the old one that have raised concerns regarding the construction timeline for the bridge. On the basis of their information, we believe the schedule was rushed and safety concerns set aside because Andrew Cuomo wanted the bridge he named after his father open before this Thursday’s Democratic Primary.
“These whistleblowers fear retribution from Governor Cuomo and we believe they will only come forward if they are issued subpoenas. These subpoenas will give them the legal protection they need to speak out about things a vengeful governor doesn’t want known. This is a governor who knows how to punish people.
“That is why I am releasing a letter today to the National Transportation Safety Board requesting an immediate investigation into what happened with the Tappan Zee/Mario Cuomo Bridge project, asking the federal agency to make full use of it’s investigatory powers in this matter.
“This bridge project has been mired in secrecy since the day it began. Andrew Cuomo has refused to release the most basic information about the bridge’s construction, frustrating the news media so much that they have been forced to issue FOIL request after FOIL request to obtain what should have been simple answers to basic questions.
“Mr Cuomo created advisory boards that never met. And five years later, we still don’t know how the bridge is being paid for. Who knows what other information needs to get out.
“More than 130,000 people travel the Tappan Zee Bridge every day. Public safety must come first in every consideration of when it’s fully ready to open.
“God help this governor if what we are being told is true. And the truth will come out. Subpoenas have a way of making that happen.”