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Molinaro: NYC Working Class, Middle Class Homeowners Getting Unfairly Socked with Skyrocketing Property Taxes




Vows Substantive Relief in 2019

New York – Oct. 4…Skyrocketing New York City property tax hikes — increases have averaged 6 percent a year over the past decade — are wholloping the city’s working class and middle class homeowners hardest, New York gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro today charged.
Mr. Molinaro pledged that as governor he will take concrete steps to lower and bring fairness to an escalating property tax burden that threatens to make the five boroughs virtually unlivable for all but the wealthiest New Yorkers.
New York City residents deserve a two-percent property tax cap just like everyone else in the state, and I’ll make sure as governor they get one,” Mr. Molinaro said. “But more than that, I will use the powers of the governor’s office to demand a fair property tax assessment system for all city properties so that working class New Yorkers and middle class New Yorkers aren’t paying a disproportionate share of the city’s $28 billion property tax burden.”
Mr. Molinaro said he supports ongoing litigation brought by Tax Equity Now, a broad coalition of homeowners, renters, businesses, academics, good government organizations, and public interest groups that would force a comprehensive reform of the current unfair system.
Mr. Molinaro just released a statewide tax reduction plan that would reduce the New York State property tax burden by nearly 30 percent over five years. As part of that proposal, The Empire State Freedom Plan, Mr. Molinaro vows to make a statewide  — truly statewide  — property tax cap permanent.
“As someone who grew up on food stamps, I get what a few extra dollars in a mom’s or dad’s pocket can mean to a New York family,” Mr. Molinaro said. “It means being able to afford clothes or bus fare or diapers. Tragically, New YorkCity families are having to do with less and less just to pay property taxes that are beginning to feel like a second mortgage. I promise you,” he continued, “help is on the way. All it takes is compassion, discipline, and political will, all of which I have.”