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Molinaro Releases Another Substantive Policy Initiative


People-First Opportunity Agenda Clears Path for

Individual Success in New York State

New York-Oct. 30…New York gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro today released another substantive policy initiative to move New York and its 20 million residents out of economic stasis and into greater prosperity and security in an increasingly competitive economic environment.
The plan, From the Ground Up: A People First Agenda to Promote Opportunity and Grow New York’s Economy is part of a series of comprehensive, forward-looking policy proposals released by Mr. Molinaro that set a course to Fix the MTA; Eradicate Corruption in State Government; Cut Property Taxes 30%; Eliminate Veteran Homelessness in New York State, and End the Physical and Societal Bias Against New Yorkers with Physical and Developmental Disabilities.
“Throughout this campaign I have been releasing detailed blueprints of what my administration will do to make it easier to live, work, and raise a family in New York,” Mr. Molinaro, the Dutchess County Executive, said. “Campaigns shouldn’t be about bluster and insults; they are an opportunity to lay out a clear and workable agenda to improve the lives of real people. I hope New Yorkers will go to my website – – before Election Day and review all the plans I have released. The vision and details are there, and I am hopeful voters will take the time to read them.”
From the Ground Up: A People First Agenda to Promote Opportunity and Grow New York’s Economy promotes bold reforms for New York’s Economic Development Programs — the most expensive in the nation — that often benefit politicians receiving political donations more than New Yorkers paying for them. (Molinaro’s Albany Accountability Act would ban the practice.)
The full plan can be viewed and downloaded here.
The Molinaro plan will:
  • Ban cash grants to corporations;
  • Greatly Increase Transparency and Oversight in the State’s Economic Development Programs;
  • Focus on Outcomes Over Donors and Places;
  • Standardize Metrics Across All Economic Development Initiatives;
  • Provide Benefits Retroactively;
  • Impose Clear and Strict Eligibility Criterion;
  • Fund the Best Projects;
  • Establish a Regular Review Process;
  • Target Local Businesses and Startups with the Potential for Growth;
  • Diversify Decision Making to Ensure Greater Control;
  • Build a Dynamic and Skilled Workforce to Close the Middle-Skills Gap;
  • Bolster Regional Sector Partnerships;
  • Create an Empire State Sector Partnership Assistance Program;
  • Centralize and Expand Apprenticeship Efforts;
  • Strengthen Career and Technical Education Programs;
  • Create an Environment of Growth in New York (for a change);
  • Reduce New York’s Arcane and Counter-productive Regulatory Burdens through a “Governmental Regulation Reduction Commission);
  • Revitalize New York’s Critical Infrastructure;
  • Bring Back ‘Shovel-ready’ projects and Protect the Brownfield Investment Program;
  • Create a “Dig-Once” Grant Assistance Program to Install Broadband in Underserved Areas;
  • Expand the Earned-income Tax Credit, and
  • Reform Occupational Licensing, among other things.
“I ask New Yorkers to give this latest plan a read – to kick the tires and tell me what they think,” Mr. Molinaro continued. “I am confident they will see a blueprint for individual success that New York, especially our upstate communities, has been lacking. We don’t have to keep lagging the rest of the nation in economic growth. We’re New Yorkers; we have it in us to excel again.”