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Molinaro Statement on Job Losses at Global Foundries

Molinaro Statement on Job Losses at Global Foundries

New York is making headlines in R&D Magazine for all the wrong reasons. The collapse of New York’s high tech economic development programs under the weight of Andrew Cuomo’s corruption, incompetence and political petulance has contributed to the loss of 455 high paid research jobs at Global Foundries in Saratoga. Since taking office Cuomo has never even visited the facility, one of the largest high tech investments in North America and one of the single largest employers in upstate out of pure political petulance.
“Worse, the collapse of the state’s high tech economic development programs under the Governor’s watch is now complete. The chaos and disarray at SUNY Poly, and the attendant degradation in the basic research that made the Capital Region attractive to the semiconductor industry is finally rippling through New York’s high tech employers.
“The trail of Cuomo’s wreckage in upstate is long. After a billion dollars spent in Buffalo, Solar City and Tesla are in chaos. Phantom clean rooms at the promised A.I.M. Photonics headquarters project in Rochester.  AMS deserted Marcy in Utica disgust and Onondaga County is today the proud owner of a high tech film all due to the administration’s sheer bungling incompetence and corruption.
“Andrew Cuomo didn’t just ignore upstate at the debate on Wednesday, he’s been ignoring it for the last 8 years. Instead of staying engaged with critical employers on how they can expand and grow good paying jobs he has been more concerned about shaking them down for donations. New York needs a Governor whose first priority is governing. When I’m Governor we will focus on lowering property taxes, creating a more business friendly environment and sustainable job growth.”