Moments With Marc

Reforming Albany

Governor Cuomo's Corrupt Administration has milked New Yorkers out of billions. Learn how Marc Molinaro will reform corrupted Albany and fix our broken system.

More About Marc

Marc is a dedicated public servant, but first and foremost he's a devoted husband and father. Marc's an avid Star Wars fan and loves making pancakes on weekends with his wife and kids.

Marc on Education

Marc understands how transformative education can be, and wants to empower New Yorkers across the state to take the reins in their local cities, towns, and villages.

Transportation in New York

Governor Cuomo has ignored our transit systems across the state, leaving them derelict and in disrepair. By cutting through red tape and bureaucracy, Marc Molinaro will get our public transit working again.

Opioid and Heroin Crisis

Marc believes strongly that as a society we need to break through the stigma and address the struggles of those who are addicted to heroin, opioids, and other drugs with the dignity they deserve.

Improving Quality of Life

As the child of a single parent, Marc knows the struggles families in New York face. Marc wants to enact policies that will make it easier for everyday New Yorkers to stay in our state and succeed in their ventures.