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Parents in the Dark: 7 Questions for Cuomo’s Plan to Let Most Dangerous Child Molesters into Schools Tomorrow

Child Predators Can’t Be Within 1,000 Feet of Schools; Cuomo Asking School Superintendents to
Sign Legal Waivers for Thursday Primary


New York–Sept. 12…New York school parents, school administrators, and election officials are caught totally blindsided by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s decision to allow some of New York’s most dangerous child molestors into schools Thursday for the political primaries — these offenders are legally banned from being within 1,000 feet of schools — and New York gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro and lt. governor  candidate Julie Killian today demanded that Mr. Cuomo urgently inform parents and officials about what is going on.
Mr. Cuomo pardoned approximately 30,000 paroled criminals recently in order to allow them to vote Thursday, but he made no exception for sex offenders so dangerous that they’re legally banned from being within 1,000 feet of schools. The governor, under pressure last week, announced that these child predators would be voting after 7 pm, but that’s legally impermissible without the express written permission of a parole officer and a school superintendent or administrator. Superintendent and administrators — not to mention parents — were caught completely off guard, still not knowing whether dangerous sex predators are newly registered to vote in their districts and what they are supposed to do if one shows up without permission or at a different time of the day.
“Parents and school officials need information now, and Andrew Cuomo has a responsibility to give it to them,” Mr. Molinaro said. “He never thought this thing through, and now he’s got a mess on his hands. If Governor Cuomo wanted to do this right, he would have worked with the state legislature to amend the law, but in typical fashion he rammed through these pardons with corrupt political intent without thinking about the possible consequences.”
“As a mother I am outraged. What Andrew Cuomo is doing is illegal and dangerous, once again putting our children at risk,” Ms. Killian said. “How are poll workers tomorrow going to monitor convicted child molesters? In schools there are after-school programs after 7 pm, and who’s to say a sex criminal doesn’t show up at 10 am or noon? Most importantly have these schools notified parents? I know first hand they have not.”
Mr. Molinaro and Ms. Killian called on Mr. Cuomo to answer seven urgent questions before the start of voting on Thursday:
In which New York schools are pardoned child molesters and other sex offenders who are banned from being within 1,000 feet of schools registered to vote tomorrow?
Have the schools been made aware of that by Governor Cuomo’s office, and what is the security plan for those schools? Do they have the names and photographs of these offenders on hand?
Have parents been informed about what’s happening?
How many school superintendents have issued written permission to pardoned child molesters, waiving the 1,000 foot rule, and what are those districts?
What happens if a child molester arrives at a school before 7 pm? What should schools do? The law says have them arrested. Is that what school administrators should do?
What happens in cases where the 1,000 foot law is enforced? Is Andrew Cuomo prepared for possible legal action by sex offenders lawfully denied access to schools tomorrow? And who would pay for that litigation?
We have spoken with school administrators, parents, poll workers, and law enforcement officials. No one we spoke with was made aware of what is happening tomorrow. How is that possible given the danger level of the individuals involved? What is being done to rectify it TODAY?