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Silver got 7 years; Andrew Cuomo shrugged

Molinaro: “Andrew Cuomo never learns. Today, Shelly Silver got 7 years; Andrew Cuomo shrugged.”

“Today’s sentencing of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is a sad reminder of the pathetic state of ethics in Andrew Cuomo’s Albany. Which is why it’s so ironic that on the same day, at about the same time Governor Cuomo decreed a ‘new system of accountability’ for the state’s economic development process.
“The problem, that new system is a complete and utter mystery to everyone but Andrew Cuomo.
No database of deals;
No transparency;
No ban on corporate giveaways;
No ban on contracts with donors;
Not even any details on this new system or the so called professionals who designed it.
“Worse, Cuomo and Zemsky couldn’t’ even promise that the state will stop spending billions of taxpayer dollars to support their super rich pals like Elon Musk.
“Andrew Cuomo never learns.
“Today, Shelly Silver got seven years today, Andrew Cuomo shrugged.”