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Steve Forbes Endorses Molinaro for Governor


Endorsement of Marc Molinaro for Governor of New York

New York–Oct 22nd…Steve Forbes, American publishing executive, two-time Republican candidate for President (1996 & 2000) and champion of the free market endorsed Marc Molinaro for Governor of the State of New York.
“Burdensome, onerous regulations have plagued New York in recent years,” said Forbes.  “The lack of jobs and high cost of living have driven people out of the Empire state as they search for opportunity elsewhere. It’s not right. Something needs to change, and that’s why I support Marc Molinaro for Governor.”
“Marc has laid out clear plans to put New York back on the right financial track while streamlining service delivery and ridding the state of corruption. His Empire State Freedom Plan, coupled with his Albany Accountability Act, are a breath of fresh air for all New Yorkers,” said Forbes.
“Last week, when Marc squared off against Andrew Cuomo in a debate, the post-debate consensus was clear: Marc is the only candidate who recognized the issues and offered practical solutions to address them.
“It’s time for a new Governor who can actually deliver change and opportunity for all New Yorkers, I urge all to consider voting for Marc,” concluded Forbes.