Marc with Veterans

Marc is incredibly grateful for the sacrifices made by veterans and their families to ensure that our nation and its residents are able to live with the freedoms granted us by the protection of our military.

As Governor, Marc will fight for our veterans. Here’s his plan:
1) Increase Access to Behavorial Health Services:
  • Expand the Joseph P. Dwyer Veterans Peer Support Project Statewide.
  • Increasing Funding for the Veterans Mental Health Training Initiative.
  • Guaranteeing Access to a Veterans Treatment Court for all NYS Veterans.
2) Eliminate Barriers to Re-Entering Civilian Life and Supporting Families
  • Offer Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program to Returning/Recently Discharged Active Duty Members.
  • Support Career Training Programs for Veterans.
  • Remove Licensing and Credentialing Barriers.
3) Supporting Local Efforts to Assist Veterans
  • Increase Funding for Local Veterans Service Agencies.
  • Increases Transportation Services.
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